The Department of Evangelization Mission

“ Go into the entire world and preach the Gospel to the whole creation” (Mk: 16:15)

Jesus was very conscious about His Mission of Proclaiming Good News of the Kingdom. The Kingdome of God is the key of our Evangelization Mission. ‘Go to the whole world and preach the Gospel to all mankind’ is the mandate that Jesus has given us before His ascension into heaven. This has been carried out generation after generation and the light of the Gospel has reached to all nations. Now it is our responsibility to make known Jesus to the unknown and invite them to His Kingdom in order to attain healing and wholeness.

The universal mission of the church is to bring fullness of life (Jn: 10:10) and God’s love to all nations. This undivided mission is fulfilled through various activities as per the situation demands. The decree on Church’s missionary activity (Ad Gentes) says, “the Church on earth by its very nature is missionary” (AG2). Evangelization is an activity not only done in the ‘mission lands’ but can be carried out wherever Christians find themselves (AG11). Missionary activity is centred on manifesting God’s salvific plan and its fulfilment in the world and in history (RM 41).

Our beloved founder Servant of God Joseph Panjikaran was a zealous missionary who walked across the Vicariat of Ernakulam preaching the Word of God and doing good to the poor and marginalized. Evangelization of the people was the soul intention of our revered founder when he became a priest. ‘Save souls’ was the mantra that lingered on his lips. Evangelization is the ultimate goal of each MSJ as our founder father envisioned. This is the dynamic reality of the Congregation; since our founder father left a legacy of zealous evangelization it doubly emphasizes the role of MSJs as Evangelizers. Evangelization is not an option but it is the obligation for each MSJ, for this an evangelizing spirit needs to be integrated into the life of MSJ and into the vision, mission and direction of our ministry.

MSJ Evangelization – Vision

Being ‘leaven’ in the society lead people to conversion and self transformation to experience the kingdom of God and to the salvation achieved in Christ

MSJ Evangelization – Mission

In the footsteps of Jesus, proclaim the Good News of Salvation through our words, deeds and life witness and contribute our best in order to experience harmony in life

Core values in Evangelization
  • Respect for life
  • Human dignity
  • Gospel values – justice, peace, love...

Personal life witness which is fortified by MSJ Qualities
  • Motherly patience
  • Meekness of disposition
  • Affability of character
  • Indefatigable toil
  • Ceaseless watching over patients / people who are Christ to them
  • Cheerfulness

  • Direct and indirect proclamation of the Word of God:
  • Foster Catholic faith
  • Build stable and healthy families in society
  • Promote and protect life in its fullness
  • Spread the message of compassion

Main activities of Evangelization Mission

Retreat centres, pastoral care, parish ministry, family apostolate, catechetical works, home mission, RAPHA program, home based palliative care, angels club and youth ministry, prayer clubs and conventions. Inter-religious dialogue, pro-life movements, preparing people for receiving Sacraments, organizing pre-marital courses, preparing for happy and peaceful death and starting new mission stations where Gospel is not known within and outside the country.

“For he wants all to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth” (1Tim: 2:4). The evangelizer / missionary urged for the zeal for the souls; he is a sign of God’s love in the world – a love without exclusion or order to proclaim to all that they are loved by God and through Him they can attain salvation, the evangelizer must show love towards all giving one’s life for his neighbour...

Sr. Grace Maria MSJ
Directress of Evangelization Mission
MSJ Nirmala Province, Aluva, Ernakulam