Other Colleges

 No Name and Place
 1 St. Joseph's College of Pharmacy(B.Pharm), Cherthala.

 Special Schools

 No Name and Place
 1 Autism Centre, Nirmala Training Centre, Kakkanad.


 No Name and Place
 1 St. Joseph's Hospital, Pathanapuram.
 2 St. Mary's Hospital, Pathanapuram.
 3 St. Joseph's Hospital, Poovathussery.
 4 St. Joseph's Hospital, Poovathussery.

 Hostels For Girls

 No Name and Place
 1 CKC Convent Hostel, Ernakulam.
 2 St. Joseph's Hostel, Uzhuva.

 Old Age Homes

 No Name and Place
 1 Snehasadan Old age Home, Kuthiyathodu.

 Rehabilitation Centre

 No Name and Place
 1 Msgr. Joseph C Panjikaran Memorial Rehabilitation Centre, Uzhuva.

 Homeo Clinic

 No Name and Place
 1 Jeevadhara Homeo Clinic, THANNIPUZHA.

 Mental Health Hospital

 No Name and Place
 1 Kusumagiri Mental Health Centre, Kakkanad.